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Mont-Royal Hardwoods is a hardwood Canadian manufacturing company established since 1997. With more than 15 years experience, we already produced more than 75 millions hardwood floor square feet to this day.

Our skilled employees and the uniformity of our production insure you of the highest quality standards. Our team can adapt to all situations and constantly evolve to meet the changing demands and the growth of the market.

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At Mont-Royal Hardwoods we have only one goal: to manufacture the best hardwood floor for your comfort and satisfaction. A hardwood floor is a decorative element that can last many years. That's why our team of dedicated experts carefully manufactures top quality hardwood floors worthy of your home.

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Our mission is to satisfy customers with quality products that meet their needs and tastes at the best price possible. For this, we surround ourselves with meticulous specialists who take the utmost care at all stages of production to achieve the highest quality and most consistent product possible. All that to ensure uniformity, stability and longevity to your hardwood floor. Superior quality for your well-being and give you peace of mind in a dream setting.

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