Know How

Mont-Royal Hardwoods specializes in manufacturing hardwood floors. Our experienced specialists have an eye for detail and work to offer you a product of unparalleled quality. We are constantly striving to improve production processes and therefore, keep watch for new processes and new technologies available in the market.

Know How

Mont-Royal Hardwoods only selects wood species of the highest quality for its floors. Each batch is inspected to ensure quality and consistency of wood. A strict control is performed during the production according to the highest standards to ensure the best possible finish and the highest quality for your future hardwood flooring.

Special attention is given to storage, which is done in a controlled environment, to preserve the condition of the wood and thus ensure consistency and stability of the batches of floors.

After having developed a solid expertise in native North American wood species, Mont-Royal Hardwoods has extended its product range to the exotic wood species increasingly in demand that provide colour and texture only available in warmer countries.

Mont-Royal Hardwoods, in collaboration with all partners, is committed to provide quality products and unparalleled service, all based on trust.