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Feuille Jatoba

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Jatoba floor

Jatoba is one of the most popular imported wood species because of its innate beauty, its rich colour and superior hardness. It’s a very hard wood with a dense texture and interlaced grain. Its colour ranges from yellowish brown to red salmon to dark red streaked with black, changing over time to take a deep reddish brown highly sought after. It’s a stable wood with an amazing hardness and almost knots free.

Colors available
Natural Wood

Finishes available
Satin (special order)

Widths available
3¼",   4",  

Arbre Exotique

Select & Better

Offers a slight variation of natural wood grain colour. No spots or cracks are permitted. Healthy small knots of less than 1/8'' may be visible as well as less than 1/8'' x 4'' natural streaks. Our minimum lengths are 12'' and maximum 84'' for an average length of 34''.

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The Jatoba

Hymenaea courbaril

Jatoba (also known as courbaril or Brazilian cherry) is a huge tropical tree from South America of up to 30 m high.

Hardness (Janka*)
2760 (114% harder than North American Red Oak)

South America (Brazil)

* Value in pounds force, measured by the Janka test. The Janka test measures the force required to push a steel ball of 0.444 inch in diameter into the wood. This test is also used to determine how easy sawing and nailing. The Red Oak (1290 Janka) is the essence of reference to compare the hardness of a wood.