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Feuille Sapelli

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Sapelli floor

Sapelli has an interwoven or wavy grain and fine texture. Its uniform colour through the entire thickness of the wood is a reddish brown or medium purple-brown which can have an average to high variation over time. Its hardness and homogeneity of colour make marks, scratches, and imperfections less obvious.

Colors available
Natural Wood

Finishes available
Satin (special order)

Widths available
3¼",   4",  

Arbre Exotique

Select & Better

Offers a slight variation of natural wood grain colour. No spots or cracks are permitted. Healthy small knots of less than 1/8'' may be visible as well as less than 1/8'' x 4'' natural streaks. Our minimum lengths are 12'' and maximum 84'' for an average length of 34''.

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The Sapelli

Entandrophragma cylindricum

Sapelli (also known as African mahogany or sapele) is a tropical tree of Africa, found mainly in the Congo Basin. It can grow up to 60 m high on average and up to 94 m under ideal conditions.

Hardness (Janka*)
1500 (16% harder than North American Red Oak)


* Value in pounds force, measured by the Janka test. The Janka test measures the force required to push a steel ball of 0.444 inch in diameter into the wood. This test is also used to determine how easy sawing and nailing. The Red Oak (1290 Janka) is the essence of reference to compare the hardness of a wood.