25 years warranty withOur "Sapphire" finish

Mont-Royal Hardwoods manufacturer guaranteesMont-Royal Hardwoods manufacturer guarantees the original purchaser that all products manufactured after September 15, 2004 will withstand normal residential use for a period of 25 years and business use for 5 years following the date of purchase. The multi layer finish applied to the hardwood floorboards confers a special protection against flaking of the surface during normal use.

The "Sapphire" finish is also resistant to premature deterioration in areas where traffic is more frequent. It is also designed to withstand the friction of the feet for several years before showing signs of wear if the hardwood floor has been maintained according to manufacturer's recommendations (see Protective measures in the Installation section). The guarantee may be void if certain precautions are not followed with respect to abrasive substances (salt, sand, glass or other materials) in contact with the floor surface.

The "Sapphire" finish gives extra protection against yellowing and fading. Some products currently on the market do not contain this extra protection. Please check with your supplier.

Warning About the finish

The finish applied on hardwood floorboards does not increase the hardness or resistance to shock or marks left by objects  including animal claws , high heels or other sharp object, cutting or heavy and objects falling on the floor that can damage or mark the surface and finish of the hardwood floor.

Warning about the finish


Mont-Royal Hardwoods floor manufacturer's warranty covers all pre finished natural, coloured or dyed grades (except the Rustic grade)  against all manufacturing defects, classification errors or errors on the finish, including dyes or finish at any original client who bought and installed a Mont-Royal Hardwoods floor and still live at the same address. The warranty does not cover damage during transport, storage (other than at the Mont-Royal Hardwoods site) or installation, or other reasons beyond the manufacturer. The warranty applies only on defective products that exceed 5% of the total quantity purchased by the customer (excluding all the cut ends resulting from the installation). The industry tolerates a 5% standard margin of error.