The Exceptions

Mont-Royal Hardwoods is not responsible under the terms of the present warranty and makes no commitment to any compensation in the following situations:

  • For damage other than those mentioned in the section of "Mont-Royal Hardwoods' Obligations" including the loss of space, moving expenses, accommodation costs or loss of salary or equipment.
  • For products installed in a basement, on a concrete floor or in a room heated with a radiator.
  • If manufacturing defect do not affect the product.
  • If defects in the product are the result of improper storage and/or during transport and/or improper preparation of the subfloor and/or installation not in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.
  • If the product has been used and/or installed for use other than residential. This agreement also stipulates that the installation of hardwood flooring in a room used for home daycare is not considered residential use.
  • In the absence of sufficient evidence to prove that the maintenance was done according to the recommendations of Mont-Royal Hardwoods.
  • When the damage was caused in whole or in part by inappropriate use with abrasive substances (salt, sand, glass, etc.) or other objects that could fall and/or be dragged across the hardwood floor and/or moving furniture with or without protection on the floor under furniture legs and/or appliances, high heels and/or friction and/or repetitive scratching of objects and/or any use other than normal residential use.
  • If the damage was caused in part or in whole by a change in relative humidity caused by flooding and/or excessive and/or insufficient heating and/or carelessness in moisture level monitoring.
  • For repairs made without the written consent of Mont-Royal Hardwoods.
  • For replacement of hardwood floorboards that were defective prior to installation.
  • For the hardwood floor fading.
  • For any change of the hardwood floor, other than premature finish loss and/or total wear of the finish.
  • For shipping and/or transport.
  • In the absence of evidence from the customer of the date of purchase of the hardwood floor from Mont-Royal Hardwoods.

Mont-Royal Hardwoods' floors are made from natural materials. It is normal that 5% of the amount of hardwood flooring purchased is not used. It is also normal for wood exposed to the light to turn yellow, darken or change colour. The colour change can also occur in places where the floor is carpeted and/or covered by a rug and/or covered with other objects in one place for a long period of time.