Mont-Royal Hardwoods'Obligations

Mont-Royal Hardwoods Obligations

Under the terms of the present warranty, the liability of Mont-Royal Hardwoods is limited to the following obligations, at the discretion of the company and excluding any other forms of compensation:

  • To supply the material to replace the defective boards.
  • To replace equipment or labor for refinishing the hardwood floor in areas where the finish is completely destroyed.
  • To compensate for damages equivalent to the purchase cost of the defective boards.

In the case of a claim, the applicant must be responsible for the first payment to Mont-Royal Hardwoods for a deductible equal to 1/420 of the cost to Mont-Royal Hardwoods in order to take the corrective measures mentioned above. The deductible will be calculated by multiplying the number of months between the date of purchase of the hardwood floor by the applicant and the date of the claim.