Responsibilities And RightsOwner And/Or Installer

The customer must add an extra of 4% to 6% (depending on type of installation) of hardwood flooring to compensate for the loss incurred when the floorboards are cut for installation.

Mont-Royal Hardwoods floorboards are made of natural hardwood, which can have imperfections. Mont-Royal Hardwoods products undergo quality controls that meet strict norms and conform to industry standards.

The employee(s) of Mont-Royal Hardwoods check criteria for quality control and make sure that all hardwood floorboards match the standards for sale and are without factory defects. The floorboards are methodically selected and those that do not meet the grade standards are removed. In the hardwood flooring industry, an average of 5% or less of defective materials is considered acceptable. This average includes defects caused by nature and manufacturing defects.

The installer and/or owner must be sure that the location and subfloor comply with conditions specified by Mont-Royal Hardwoods in the "Installation Guide" of the Installation section. It is the responsibility of the installer and/or owner to inspect the Mont-Royal Hardwoods floorboards before installation. The installer and/or owner must inspect the boards for grade, quality and finish.

If the installer and/or owner are in doubt regarding the grade, quality and/or finish of the floorboards and cannot install it in an area out of view sight and/or eliminate defects of the hardwood floorboards, it must be set aside. Nailing the hardwood floorboard on the floor can be taken as evidence that the hardwood floorboard was accepted by the installer and/or owner. Mont-Royal Hardwoods will only replace defective hardwood floorboards that exceed the 5% accepted in industry (excluding 4-6% loss margin due to cutting). Mont-Royal Hardwoods will not cover the costs for labor and/or installation.