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Hardwood floors come in several varieties, grades and colours. When installing a hardwood floor, it's for a long time, often for life. So we must choose wisely and think long term. Over the years, you'll want to change the furniture or decoration and will require that everything can coordinate with your floor. We must also consider that hardwood floors change colour over time. It is therefore important to be well informed before you buy.

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Mont-Royal Sapphire finish

At Mont-Royal we care in manufacturing with the highest quality standard. Our R&D department combined with the world leader supplier in hardwood flooring finish has developed a high quality hardwood flooring finish to meet your expectations in durability.

  • We apply 7 coats of finish where thickness is +/- 3mils
  • Lustre level 50% +/- 5%
  • Aluminum oxide ultra high scratch resistant NANO top coat
  • 2 to 3 times more resistant in the "taber abraser test" than most of our competitors (according to recent test performed)
  • Anti-yellowing and anti-bacterial formula
  • 25 years limited warranty
Long-lasting hardwood floor finish