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American Walnut

A walnut wood floor gives a warm tone to a room. It has a fine-textured and diffuse porous grain, which makes him an attractive and decorative wood. Its colour, which ranges from pale gold to rich brown, sometimes has purple shades and darker veins. It changes little from year to year and unlike other species, walnut tends to fade over time.

Colors available
Natural Wood,  Walnut Rustic, 

Finishes available
Satin (special order)

Widths available
2¼",   3¼",   4¼",   5",  


*Available in solid and engineered hardwood

Excellent appearance and promotes a length with a higher average and more pronounced colour variation than Select & Better. This grade is highly recommended for the application of dyes. Our minimum lengths are 12'' and maximum 84'' for an average length of 38''.


*Available in solid hardwood

This shorter grade is generated by higher grades classification restrictions. The result is a rustic look with extreme colour variations and natural imperfections in the wood. Average length is 16''. We deliver this product with knots filled with wood compound.
Important : No return accepted on rustic grade. No warranty applicable on milling or / and prefinishing before and after installation of Rustic grade.

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American Walnut

Juglans Nigra

American walnut is one of the most popular wood species since several centuries. American walnut is found in Canada, Florida, Texas, Nebraska, Kansas and parts of Europe. It is a tree that can grow up to 30 m and even 40 m high.

North America

Hardness (Janka*)
1010 (22% softer than North American Red Oak)

* Value in pounds force, measured by the Janka test. The Janka test measures the force required to push a steel ball of 0.444 inch in diameter into the wood. This test is also used to determine how easy sawing and nailing. The Red Oak (1290 Janka) is the essence of reference to compare the hardness of a wood.